T. Alan and Christi​e A. Russell

Our objecive in developing this site originates with the desire to share outcomes of our hobbies.


Both Christie and Alan are actively exploring their families' history.  Each of us have two sections in the FAMILY HISTORY pages.  One section covers papers written on individuals or families in our family history.  The other section contains descendant charts on surnames.  In most cases, we have only included enough information for you to ascertain an absolute or possible relationship.  Our experience is that individuals regularly pirate our information and republish without attribution to us.  We are open to fully sharing all of our information to anyone who agrees to only publish in part and to give us attribution.

Christie has been a watercolorist for over 30 years. She studied with Louise Hansen. She regularly enters her work in juried exhibitions and has received recognition and awards of her work.

After hanging out at demonstrations at Home and Flower shows of the Shopsmith Mark V,  Alan purchased one in 1992.  Alan's education was primarily watching Norm Abrams New Yankee Workshop and later DVD's filmed by the most talented craftsman (including ladies) in the US. Upon moving into our new home on Waters Edge Drive in 1992, Alan had has first workshop in an 18'x20' space.  Before long the shop area became too small and the new workshop was built across the street in 2010 with +/- 3,000 square feet.  Alan started teaching woodworking to middle school students in 2008 as part of a Summer Enrichment Program.  Classes have included both girls and boys. Through out the year, other artisans complete  projects including intergenerational  mother/son or daughter and father/son or daughter teams.

In 1972/1973, Pierre F. Goodrich introduced Alan to Manuel F. Ayau Cordon of Guatemala.  In 1980, Dr. Ayau (Muso) was elected to the Board of Directors of Liberty Fund, Inc.  At the same time, Alan was appointed to the Board of Visitors of Liberty Fund, Inc.  In 1990 at the regional meeting of the Mont Pelerin Society in Antigua, Guatemala, Alan met Ines Ayau, Muso's daughter.  In 2006 at the General Meeting of the Mont Pelerin Society in Guatemala City,  Madre Ines presented a program on the orphanage. Madre Ines, Madre Maria and Madre Ivonne are nuns in the Antioch Orthodox church but surprisingly are all Libertarians.   On a tour to the orphanage, Alan told Christie "I would not get directly involved in the woodworking program."  

CARTAR = Christie Ann Russell  +  Turner Alan Russell